Who is Bootcamp Dan?

I’ve always done things the hard way.

There’s a sense of dogged pride in that.

I grew up in a lower income family and always had trouble fitting in as a kid. People were harder to figure out than books, so I decided to shelter myself in my fantasy worlds. In a way, the books you read and the shows you watch as a kid have a greater impact on you than almost anything else. I realized more than anything else, I liked stories. I had a great hunger for them.

So went I went off to college, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I devoured. I horded. I dreamed great stories that I could never tell. A novelist, I would be.

So I left college with a Liberal Arts (English) degree and tried to figure out how not to starve. Bad idea. You see, unknown to me, I had just activated Hard Mode.

Graduating in one of the most competitive labor markets in recent memory with a useless degree and no work experience is not something I’d recommend. I was a journalist, a blogger, a copywriter, a marketing specialist, an editor, a developer, a manager and half a dozen other things. I was underpaid, undervalued, praised and chided, loved and loving in return. I kept my nose in the game, made lots of the right connections, and never burned bridges. It was a long journey that landed me in an unique position as a consultant in the financial industry. Now my day job consists of telling CEOs and investment bankers what they should do. My advice is valued, sought even.

This blog is in some ways an extension of the part of me that still loves writing for its own sake. So I’d like to share a few words of wisdom from my own life, now that I have more free time to do so.

Why should you trust me? I don’t expect anyone to take me wholesale. I expect my readers to use their own critical judgement, and if something on this website is able to help them, then I’m glad.

I’m just a Millennial like you, and I’m still figuring out things as I go.